What is Pinterest?

We all know that Pinterest is a great social platform where we can share graphical information and content for online users. People can share images, infographics and other graphical information. Most importantly, it is gaining more popularity than Facebook and Twitter. 

Why Pinterest has Become Famous?

There are many reasons for the popularity of Pinterest. 

Always Provides New:

Pinterest always provides new and interesting stuff in a particular sphere. If you are looking for something new, then you can find it on Pinterest. Compared to other social media websites, Pinterest has visual content. 

Shared Common Interest by People:

If a person is interested in web design and web development, then he/she would like to share more information related to that particular area. 

People like Photos:

People, of course, like photos. Visual content or image is better than reading only text. Because of that, Pinterest drives more traffic towards any website. 

Function / Working of Pinterest

On Pinterest, there are three import actions which you can perform: Like, Comment and Repin. 

You can make favorite pins by liking it. By commenting on pins, you can increase user engagement. By repinning the pins, you can share pins with your followers. These three actions will provide more advantages on Pinterest. 


Pinboards are groups of images and videos. People should create more specific pinboards instead of genetic or general pinboards. You can specify your content to your followers and other online users. 

Increase your followers

Just like in other social media sites, followers are also most important on Pinterest. Consider quality rather than quantity while you are sharing because you can engage your audience with creative and unique shares that people really like. Track your visitors to your website or blog through Pinterest and provide them some special facilities like free products or free newsletters. 

Preferable Image Size

Image size should be 554 pixels. People don’t like to see long images as they have to scroll to see the image. If you have an image with more than 554 pixels, then create a smaller size of image to pin it. Pin a small image and link it to the large image. Travelling images, images with “how to” content etc are more creative than others. 

How to use Pinterest More Effectively?

Here, basic fundamentals for all social media websites are the same like update regularly and provide related information. Below are some important points which should be followed for Pinterest:

Consider Important Interests

One of the big advantages of Pinterest is that the community and user base are different and content-centric too. On Pinterest, there are few fake profiles like other social media sites. You can concentrate on the topics which are more appealing to users. Share only your niche content and share content in which people are interested. 

Follow other people who are associated with your niche industry. Also follow those who have pins or who have shared content related to your niche. 

Presentation of Pinboards

It’s important how you present your pinboards to users. Place your important pinboards first and then others. Use different content for a particular pinboard like funny images and infographics.  Attractive presentation of pinboards with different content can help you target bigger audiences. Use creative description in your pins with your targeted keywords. 

User Engagement

Here the first step is to create boards which contain great stuff related to a particular pinboard. After that identify people who are sharing good content. Re-pins and comments of other users on the pinboards show that people are involved with your community. 

You can create a community of pinboards and invite people to share their content. Run contents on your pinboards to attract people to participate in that. Also offer some exciting prizes. 

Reach Your Target Audience

You need to make sure that content which you shared reaches a wide audience. Give a proper name to pinboard and use hash-tags which are supported by Pinterest. By placing hash-tags, you can make your pins searchable. Hash-tags give more exposure to you and a better chance to be followed by users. 

Ending Summary

Pinterest is becoming a very popular social media website as it provides fresh and visual content. It has an updated new look which is actually more flexible to use. You can also track your pins with Pinterest Analytic. People are more engaged to Pinterest than other social networking site. So provide creative and fresh content. Present your pinboards in such a way that they attract users. 

Visit for web design and web development solutions. Pinterest is a proven great social media website that will drive more traffic towards your website or blog. Give me your views and tips via comments about the same. 

Many companies last year had provided the analytic tools to calculate their investments in the social media sites. Reaching out to your customers especially in the social networking sites is quite essential for the growth of any business.

Marketing your business as a “social business” won’t only make you active on the different channels, but bring in more transparency when handling to every minute details of the company.

Engaging in Investment without Calculation

In the past 2-3 years, a number of companies supported the social business vision and invested in all kinds of resources from Internet Messenger to the advanced platforms like Jive. They decided to join the social vision bandwagon and were curious enough to know the achievement of their goals in social business. 

According to my viewpoint, these companies don’t have the practical details about how to adopt the social enterprise tools and handling the kind of activities that are helping them to complete their business goals.

We need to measure internal social plans this year and spend quality time to understand it thereby enabling to increase the business productivity, client satisfaction and business revenue. 

Let’s enumerate these points: 

1. Social pulse of your business

Proper technology is the need of the hour to support the social pulse of any business. The reason -- 50% of the conversion in business is social in nature as it sounds to be. Remember if people aren't using it, you may suffer losses. Hence, define the goal and set a target to recognize your users and reach out to the prospective clients.

2. Improvement and intellect

Thoughts, ideas, content, opportunities and innovation are key aspects to define the working of a successful company. Here, social analysis tools provide you an opportunity to recognize it. 
Conversations within the company contain business intelligence. Through customers’ discussions about the kind of products you provide, you can get insights in your own business only if you have social tools. 

3. Strength of your business

Analysis through conversations enables you to build the business platform to understand its well-being in the broader perspective. Every Human Resources (HR) executive is elated if he hears the topic of dialogue analysis come to the fore.

Tracking only “likes” on the social platform is not a useful method to know your business strength. It’s important to consider what your employees are saying about your business. Through social business tool, you are able to judge staff satisfaction in a better way. 
Hence, one needs analytic tools to monitor the client’s conversation. 

4. Social ROI

It is pertinent to mention if social activity can provide you with an actual social ROI. You can find those activities that can help you more in social business. Through the social business analysis, you can incorporate all views and opinions in handling an efficient business.

Content Marketing
It might be a costly affair to create an excellent quality content and promote it. But, it is equally important to design useful techniques to gain more advantages from creative content.

There are several techniques that can be used by any internet marketer. 

Dropping Content Consistently 

Save time or save cost. This will prove advantageous to you if you are assigned any project on content marketing or content promotion. Many people prefer to publish a whole lot of content on their websites. But, dropping content is a perfect technique to ensure that you are publishing your content on timely basis because you can upload it and publish it later. 

Be Conscious About Old Content

Another method to save money on the content marketing campaign is to be aware of your old content. Through this, you will have a fair idea as to what kind of content people prefer to read and are interested in. You can create new content on a particular topic to get the attention of the target audience. You can embed your old content into new content that can drive more viewers to your website. 

Concentrate on Quality

If you are not focusing on the quality of content, it is a mere waste of time and money. So, concentrate on the quality instead of quantity if you want to get more benefits from content generation. 

Do some SEO 

Save time and money on both content creation and SEO. Proper activities of SEO will deliver you immediate results in search engines and drive traffic to the website. You must have reliable SEO to succeed. 

Set up Goals

Content that is informative fetches more returns from users and search engines than content produced only for sales. High quality content provides useful information where you can maximize your returns on investment (ROI). Therefore, be clear about your goals.

Content marketing is a technique for internet marketers who want to make their presence felt by promoting their online business. With content marketing, you will be able to tap potential users. 

Nowadays a website is necessary for online business. In dynamic websites, security is of extreme importance as hackers may get to your data. In that case .Net framework is the best advanced software. It provides facility for development of web based and software based applications. ASP .Net web application development is a dynamic procedure where you need to consider the target audience for your business and your online requirement. 

As it provides exclusive services at affordable rates, demand for development of ASP .net is growing daily. If you want the best website created in ASP .net, you should hire skilled, professional and experienced web developers.  Get feedback from clients who have already used their services. It will help you make the right decision. 
Why .Net development?

.NET is a wonderful web application framework, particularly for dynamic web pages. The architecture of ASP .Net provides a reliable and steady platform for developing a string of web applications. ASP .Net web application development is a programming technology which has increased exponentially all over the world. Many large companies use .Net framework as their website development platform. 

Features offered by ASP .Net 

ASP .Net provides many advanced features to create an exclusive website. I have explained some features of ASP .Net framework 4.0 here:

  • Web forms
  1. Clean HTML
  2. Chart control
  3. More SEO improvements
  4. Facility of routing the URLs
  • AJAX supportive
  • MVC structure
  1. Separations of concerns
  2. Model-based validation
  3. Model rendering
  4. Scalability
  • Dynamic data
  1. Easy to customize template or build new template
  2. Validations and rendering declarative
  3. Incorporated with web forms and MVC applications
  • Compiler to compile the web forms and search errors
  • Debugging support
  • Security infrastructure 

Advantages of ASP .net development

  • Easy to develop and maintain the website
  • Secured platform for website
  • Supporting multi-language
  • As it has a standard tool set, making a form or page is easy

Before you hire a web development company, make a plan for your website and list your requirements. Ask for quotations from different companies; you may get a cost effective quote. But cost is not the only consideration in web development; if the offer is cheap but not of high quality, then you may waste your money. So choose a provider who will give both excellent services and best price. 

Your website is your weapon if you are in an online business and so it is essential that this weapon is always fully loaded. The bullets are the website design, structure, navigation, images, etc. When the users come to the website they will judge it in just 30 seconds of surfing. This is the time when you have to hold them through attractive website design and content.

I will share some of my experiences regarding website interface… 

Website stands on a bamboo of design

The design of a website is its most important part as it makes the site more aesthetic. Before developing the website it is necessary that you first finalize its design. Here are some points you must consider while designing the website.

  • Main theme

While selecting the main theme you always have to focus on the business theme. If the website is related to business then it will convey this to the users. For example, if the business is related to healthcare related equipments, then you have to choose a theme which is developed with a combination of green and white colors.

  • Font size

Understand your users and their needs. If you are going to develop a website for a charity organization, then you have to keep big font size or 12 which is the standard size. Sometimes the text may not be readable; then users navigate to another website. You have another option whereby you can provide personalized font size where users can set their required font size themselves.

  • Banner

Take full advantage of your website in your product promotion by keeping a banner on your homepage. Actually, such types of banners will create curiosity in the users’ minds and this will lead them to the product page. Make an attractive banner with some interesting text; this will definitely help you a lot.

Content structures 

We can define content as the heart of the website. Content plays a big role in the website’s success and so always focus on it. If it is informative and easy to understand then users will love it and you will get huge traffic. Structuring the content is quite necessary so users will get their required information with a single click.


Navigation is like a map of your website which will show the route to the users. If the navigation is perfect then the user will easily and definitely reach the destination. Put your contact us page button on each and every page of your website for, if the users get interested in your product, they will easily contact you.

Signup and Contact us forms

This is the place which will give you the sales and so it is vital that you have the type of forms that customers like the most. Keep this form short and only ask information that is required. Avoid address, zip, city, country etc as it will irritate the users and they will avoid the forms.

In online business, you don’t have an opportunity to judge the customer hence you have to think of yourself as a customer. If you do that then you will surely give complete satisfaction and a perfect user interface to your users. 

What is your strategy in developing a website interface? Please let me know through comments.

Business – what do you mean by this word? I think everyone’s answer is that business is something from which we will start earning money by selling our products or services. This is very true but starting a business is a cumbersome thing and there are lots of reasons for this. Before starting a business you need to do some groundwork and acquire some knowledge of the field. If you have it then you can do it by yourself otherwise you have to hire a qualified management person. It is not necessary that you must have a degree in business administration but you must have deep knowledge and experience of the subject.

With regard to the IT industry ,there are many challenges currently like selling a refrigerator in Antarctica .If you still want to start a web development company then you have to be more strategic. Only then will you be able to sustain in the industry.

Which are the tractions you need to build before starting a web development company?

Traction 1

Idea and Research phase

This is a phase where your company is in your mind as an idea. You have to execute that idea to make a company. In the very first phase you have to start working on those things which are going to be your obstacles in your startup. You have to transform your imagination into reality and to do that you must do research in those areas which are mandatory in a company startup. Let’s say you have a great idea but don’t have enough capital to make your idea happen. Then this will become your obstacle. So you must find out all these obstacles and learn how to resolve them before setting off to create a company.

Before doing all these steps you first have to redefine your initial idea. Check whether your idea is feasible or executable and if you have found it isn’t, then redefine it. Do this constantly until you get feasibility.

Traction 2

Planning phase 

What have you decided? Have you decided to go alone or do you want to go with a team of partners? If you have decided to do it  alone then it’s fine otherwise you have to find company founders who are knowledgeable. In this second phase, you have completed your idea research and considered all the factors. Now it is time to execute the job and this always depends on the strategy document. The business plan is something you have to prepare before starting a company. 

You must draft a business plan before starting your company. The business plan will keep you on the right track. On the other hand, it will constantly remind you about your goals and plans. You have created your business plan from prediction and from research, but it will be very helpful to you because it has a statistic which will help you a lot in the future.

Traction 3

Execution phase

This is the last phase of startup and at this stage you are all set to go with your plans and team. First of all divide all the tasks between your company founders according to their respective expertise and then start execution. Go with the business plan as you will then get a better idea how to start, where to go and in which time frame. Make sure that you use your capital in such a way that you get maximum impact in a short time and without spending too much.

If I have missed anything in these traction stages then please let me know through comments…

When you are stuck somewhere and you want to know more about it, what would you do in such a situation? Simply, enter www.google.com in your browser and then type your query in search box and lo and behold!!!Find a solution to your query. How easy it is!

Google! Am sure there is no one who is not associated with it? Google is the largest search engine in the virtual world. Hence it would not need an introduction.

Google is known for its innovations, by way of new tools or techniques which are frequently added and these features are dynamic and easy to use.

Google is all set to teach you mathematics and with its new scientific calculator, you will grow to be a math professional. Now isn’t it a good piece of news?

Google scientific calculator
A new Scientific Calculator of Google
Functionality of this new calculator

The new scientific calculator innovated by Google is beyond our imagination. It doesn’t require any specific input criteria, which in other words mean, you are free to input the figure as you want either it in a text or numeric format as you can see in the above image. Instead of simple input I typed this formula with both numeric and text format.

Compatible with Mobiles as well

Yes, now that you are surfing your mobile and need to calculate, you need not open the mobile calculator. Just open Google in a new tab and type your calculation and you will obtain your result within milliseconds. You can also view the scientific version of calculator when you rotate your mobile in a landscape mode.

Voice input functionality

Now, you can also calculate with the assistance of your voice. You just have to click on the microphone icon which is at the end of the search box. After that, just speak your equation and Google will show you the result of your equation. This will assist you in working out complex equations which is shown in the above image.

Scientific features

A calculator with 34 buttons will help you to calculate equations like sin, cos, tan and log. Apart from this, you can also calculate square roots.

I am a person who doesn’t like mathematics and need a calculator for even simple equations like 17*8,   however with an innovative calculator like this will aid me in solving various complexities of calculation.

What do you have to say about this? Please feel free and let us know your views and experience.

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